With the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards steadily approaching, the multimedia network is getting fans psyched for the show with a series of promotional ads. They have already had Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne and more film promo ads, but now they have set to tickle viewers' funny bone with a series of videos that feature cats and dogs reenacting memorable VMA moments.

The first video they made is of the infamous Britney Spears, Madonna, Christina Aguilera 'Like a Virgin' performance/triple kiss at the 2003 VMAs. The video features Mazzy the cat as Brit, Muncie as Xtina, and Mona as Madge. The cats are dressed in full '80s Madonna wedding garb, with the 'Virgin' wedding cake in the background as well. As Mona the cat flies in as Madonna, the three cats nuzzle and lick each other, with a hilarious flash of a mean-muggin' Justin Timberlake flashing onscreen.

The second video features Mona the cat, who transports us back to 1984 for Madonna's original 'Like a Virgin' performance stop the VMA stage. We guess Mona is really the feline embodiment of the Material Girl. The cat is once again dressed in Madonna's sexy '80s wedding costume, and it's even donning a necklace that reads 'Boy Toy.' Close-up, sensual (if you can call a cat sensual?) shots of the kitty are shown as it lays down onstage flapping its tail to the beat.

Finally, the last ad brings us back to the more current shows, with two teeny-tiny dogs acting as Lady Gaga and Cher at the 2010 Video Music Awards -- Sugar plays Cher and, quite appropriately, Moxie plays Gaga. Sugar the Pomeranian looks hilarious with a giant, black curly Cher wig on, and it sits in front a moon man trophy. The actual speech Cher and Gaga give is played in the background as Moxie enters in the infamous meat outfit. We don't think it was real meat, however, since she probably would've eaten the whole dress before they finished filming.