Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell is accusing her mother of stealing money from her trust fund to buy gifts for Mark McDaniel, Mama June's alleged boyfriend and the man who spent 10 years in prison for molesting Anna as a young child.

Cardwell spoke out against her mother in a recent interview with E! News, accusing her of stealing money from her trust fund and "using" Sugar Bear to "cover her ass."

"Mama can be very selfish. She ain't told me she loved me in a long time," Cardwell said in the video interview, which you can watch here.

"She's always [had feelings for McDaniel]," she continued. "He loves her. Mom might love him. Mama's basically using Sugar Bear, it seems like. She's using Sugar Bear to cover her ass."

As for the horrific abuse from McDaniel, Cardwell explained that while she didn't know exactly what was going on at the time, but she knew it was painful and wrong.

"You're eight years old. You don't know," she explained. "For me, it was kind of like, 'Get off of me, it hurts. Stay off of me. Leave me alone.'"

Clearly, the idea that Mama June would be back together with such a man is almost unfathomable -- and she continues to deny the claims. However, Cardwell further alleges that her mom wiped out her trust fund to buy gifts for Mama June's supposed boyfriend.

"Apparently, all of us girls have trust funds that are maybe $30,000," Cardwell explained. "Well, I called the bank. I said, 'How much is in it? 17 dollars and 90 cents. I feel that Mama used that money to buy him a car and buy him what he wanted."

Mama June refutes these claims, telling E!: "Not true. I have never bought a car for him and all her money is there beside the money I have given her to live on."

'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' was quickly canceled after allegations that Mama June was back together with Mark McDaniel.