The ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ scandal isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In the latest development, it looks like Mama June’s daughter, Anna, may be interested in writing a tell-all book about her tumultuous life.

According to Radar Online, Anna posted to her private Facebook account saying: “I think I’m going to [write] a book. Don’t know how successful I will be… but I’m going to try.”

After being backed and supported by friends, she posted: “I’m [going] to start. Who is ready to hear it?”

Unfortunately, not everyone was totally supportive of Anna’s efforts. Pumkin, Mama June’s 14-year-old daughter and staunch supporter, commented on the fact that Anna never graduated high school, insinuating that there was no way she could write her own book. Anna fired back, saying: "For one thing you don’t have to graduate to write. Stay [out of] grown folks’ business and be [a] kid which you still are…stay off my page.”

Mama June also commented, saying she made Pumkin delete her comment: "When I seen the comment that Pumpkin put up I made her take [it down] immediately. It’s time to work [this] out.” Anna has yet to respond.