Sadly, it's happened. Anna Graceman has finally acted her age. The 11-year-old couldn't hold onto her emotions after being eliminated from this season's 'America's Got Talent' competition. Host Nick Cannon quickly moved in to to comfort the Alaska born singer who amazed viewers, judges and her fellow competitors with a voice and personality that was much more mature than her 11 years would seem to allow.

"I'm so happy for Landau," Graceman said, forcing a smile between the tears. Landau is Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., who was pitted against Graceman during the show's climactic moment. Cannon brought the contestants out in pairs, and in most cases, one was sent home while another moved on to the finals -- although dance group Miami All Stars and opera singer Lys Agnes were eliminated in the same pairing.

Fan-favorite PopLyfe moved on over magician Landon Swank, and the young singing group was absolutely ecstatic over receiving a spot in the final four. The vocal ensemble promises to wow us in the final rounds, saying they will perform "something epic." Also advancing to the final four are the shadow-illusion group Silhouettes and light-up dance outfit Team iLuminate.

As the show returned from its final commercial, it was somewhat stunning to see Murphy Jr. and Graceman alone in the green room waiting to hear their fate. Both had glum looks on their face as they realized that the one who made the finals would be losing a friend at the very least -- the odd couple had truly bonded since the show began. All four finalists were decided by fan vote this year, which the judges all said was a relief to them.

Earlier classical crossover group Il Divo performed the title track from their new album 'Wicked Game,' but the moment viewers will no doubt be talking about -- after getting over Graceman's departure -- was Howie Mandel posing naked for Nick Cannon's video tour of the show's backstage. If you wondered if he was truly nude, Mandel kept no secrets on his Twitter page. "I was naked," he tweeted moments after the clip aired.

Watch Anna Graceman's Final Moments on the 'America's Got Talent' Stage