The claws are out! An anonymous Disney star spilled some serious beans about Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and more -- and most of it isn't pretty. The former, unnamed Disney star took to Reddit (via Oh No They Didn't) to share the scoop, but we're taking all of this with a grain (or a shaker!) of salt. In any case, we'll start with the worst.

Demi Lovato, before rehab at least, was bad news bears -- and this isn't the first accusation of her acting out. It sounds like the source has some personal beef against Lovato, though, which is why we're inclined to raise an eyebrow at a lot of the allegations. "Demi Lovato was an a--- a few years ago," the source said. "We had a weird encounter at an event ... wherein she referred to me as 'that fat a--' and a 'fat skank. I'll give her that she was probably struggling with her [eating disorder] at the time, but it was really pretty unnerving and d---ish."

The source continued to dish, and it only gets worse. "Basically, Demi's cocaine habit was pretty much the worst-kept secret at Disney for a few years. The adults in charge knew, but didn't want to do anything about it because she was so over-scheduled ... so they let her do essentially anything she wanted and kept the press away by distracting them with Miley's 'scandals' (which were all pretty tame compared to what Demi was doing, honestly)." Yikes!

The source is much easier on Miley Cyrus, saying the former 'Hannah Montana' starlet "was never as bad as anyone made her out to be" and that "she always seemed like a pretty genuine teenager." According to the source, like Lovato, Cyrus had some parental drama (though not as terrible). "I remember hearing from people who worked on 'Hannah Montana' that she fought with her family nonstop," the source claimed.

Does the 'Can't Be Tamed' songstress have any vices? "In terms of drugs, it was fairly well-known that she was (and remains) a big stoner, and of course she started drinking fairly young (15/16 - not like Drew Barrymore young)," the source said, "And by the time she was 17, she was smoking cigarettes fairly often, but I never really heard about her getting into hard drugs."

Some light at the end of the dark, Disney star tunnel -- our source digs Justin Bieber's lady love, Selena Gomez! "Selena's a nice girl. Never heard anything particularly scandalous about her," the source said. "She used to pop in and visit at 'Suite Life' when she was on set but not actively working at 'Wizards of Waverly Place.' She's tiny ... and a lot more silly and less reserved in real life than I think she comes across in interviews."

Phew! That's a lot of dirt. We're not sure how much of it we're buying, but it's an interesting glimpse behind the curtain at these teen celebs. Now pardon us while we scrub this off!