'American Idol' Season 8 alum Anoop Desai has released a striking new video for his song 'Want Your Love,' which he wrote and co-produced. In the video, he pines for a lost love. Much like Adele with her bazillion-selling '21,' Desai proves that from pain comes the best, most emotionally relevant art.

'Want Your Love,' which appears on Desai's 'Zero.0' EP, is a sad, melancholy song and is accompanied by a sad, melancholy video. We've all been where Desai is, so the clip forges an instant connection with all who watch it.

We stumble upon Desai seated on a bed, with his MacBook Pro on his lap as he writes lyrics and breaks into song. He is alone and we feel his sadness emanating off the screen, so much so that we want to reach through and give him a hug. He is so deep in thought and lost in emotion and it seems that singing about it offers him comfort.

The video, shot by Khylen Steward, boasts TWELVE as its setting.  What's TWELVE? Well, it's one of the most posh penthouses in Atlanta. Despite the beautiful backdrop, the pain is resonant.

There's not a lot of action, despite the luxe setting, so all of the feeling comes courtesy of the song and from Desai's somber look, tone and expressive eyes. Yeah, we know, heartbreak sucks a bowl of 'em.

With his dapper black specs and charming falsetto, Desai reels us in from the get-go.

Desai wants to know what you think of the vid, so drop a tweet with the hashtag #TeamAnoop to @AnoopDoggDesai to tell him. Or leave a comment on his Facebook page.

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Watch the Anoop Desai 'Want Your Love' Video