In Apple's holiday commercial, dubbed 'Misunderstood,' a familiar scenario is presented. A boy's usage of his smartphone is misunderstood, while a homespun version of the holiday classic 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' accompanies all the festive action. Whose rendition is it?

It's indie rock chanteuse Cat Power aka Chan Marshall, offering up her achingly pretty cover of a song we all know and love. Cat Power's version is just right for the action in the ad for a few reasons. It comes across as an indie film and requires an indie voice. Also, Cat Power's version is immediate and intimate, which digital communication often is not. This commercial connects those dots.

We are always buried in our smartphones, disconnecting from real life while connecting with the virtual one. That's what the boy in this commercial does throughout, seemingly unaffected by family activities and interactions while totally ensconced in his iPhone, morning, noon and night. But it's not just mindless texting or tweeting or Facebook updating.

He is using his phone to make a family film, piecing the scenes together. So he was employing his device for thoughtful purposes.

It makes you realize that our phones can be used for more productive than fleeting exercises.