Apple is no stranger to introducing new and unique bands via their commercials for their many product lines. As part of their latest "Life is Verse" campaign for the iPad Air, the company features an electronic band from China named Yaoband.

For the Yaoband's Verse commercial, Apple follows the band around Beijing as they use and experiment with various apps to create their unique blend of sounds. First we see them use an audio recording app to record regular sounds, such as the sound that billiard balls make when they bang into each other, and the peaceful sound of a water stream.

Then, we see them use their iPad Air to play games with one another as they travel from town to town on their tour bus. After all, musicians can't always be focused on work, right?

Next, they use the sounds and instrument recordings and mix them together with production software. The combination of audio apps for the iPad Air essentially allows them to have a portable music studio wherever they go.

The song featured in the ad is Yaoband's song titled 'We Just Love It (Rework).' Click on the video above to check out the commercial.