Up next on 'The Voice,' we were introduced to Aquile, a 24-year-old from San Diego. Needless to say, his backstory was one for the books.

"I grew up in Wyoming, in mostly a white community of 3,000 people. I am biracial, I have a lot of people that love me and people that have their own opinions of me," he said in his intro. "When I was 19, I was punched in the jaw and had it wired shut for 16 weeks." But never fear, because this talented guy "played a couple of gigs with my mouth wired shut." Reminiscent of Kanye West, much? "It'd be validation that all of this struggle was worth it," he said of his hopes on being on 'The Voice.'

And with his smooth performance of Elton John's beautiful 'Your Song,' there were two quick turn-arounds from Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine, who later called Blake Shelton a "dumb dumb" for not turning his chair around. Cee Lo Green, of course, turned his chair around at the last second.

While Levine took his time explaining to Aquile why he thought he should pick him as a coach, Xtina slammed her head on her buzzer, clearly exhausted from having to wait too long for Levine to talk.

Once he was through, Aguilera said quite the gem: "I kind of want a private performance from you, honestly." Perrhaps that's why he chose Christina as his coach; her second pick up of the day.