Strap yourselves in Beliebers and Jelena devotees. This roller coaster romance ride is getting bumpier by the day. Fresh off rumors that Justin Bieber has been flirting with honies and that Selena Gomez purged her life of the mementos and gifts she accumulated during their two-year relationship, it seems that the world's most famous teen pop couple may be back together.

Whoa. Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Sel has maintained a p-p-p-p-p-poker face -- cue the Lady Gaga song -- during the split, leaning on her girlfriends (like Taylor Swift) and focusing on the tasks at hand (like her movie 'Spring Breakers' or her new album. Meanwhile, Biebs admitted he is not in the happiest place, having penned two achingly painful and raw songs -- especially 'Nothing Like Us' -- believed to be about the split. It seemed like they had moved on in polar opposite ways.

But Gomez was seen being escorted from The Biebs' crib on Saturday (Feb. 2) morning with one of the singer's bodyguards, according to E!.

It was morning, so did Sel spend the night, wrapped in the Biebs' arms? Perhaps. Maybe she finally listened to 'Nothing Like Us' and it melted the chill off her heart? Maybe she was retrieving her stuff from happier times? Maybe they are trying to work it out? Maybe they are attempting to be civil and trying to be friends? Maybe they can't deny the magnetic pull and attraction?

We don't know. We just know she was there, which could mean that they are getting back together or are back together.

Remember, after initial rumors of their split, she was seen with holding hands with JB post-AMAs and then they had their doomed trip to Mexico right before New Year's. So even though split rumors reared their heads in November, things lingered. Perhaps they still are.

We will say this. The Biebs has been a bit of a loose cannon since the split. Pot photos. Repeated Ferrari problems. Without Gomez's seemingly calming influence, he's been a bit of a hellraiser. They say "mo money, mo problems." We say, "No Sel, mo problems."

Let's hope these two are pulling out the relationship Band-Aids and patching this thing up. We all know how Mama Biebs feels about Sel. Maybe she can jump in and try and save this romance.

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