Poor Biebs!

Justin Bieber had a rough week. First, he's wanted for questioning after a scuffle with a photographer. Then he sets off a frenzy in Norway, where the mob resulted in some fans being injured. Then he knocks himself out after walking into a glass wall while performing in Paris. He sustained a concussion, but are the injuries he sustained worse than initially thought?

The singer revealed that his face was partially and temporarily paralyzed from the incident.

The Biebs posted a video on Viddy, saying, "I got in a fight with a glass window yesterday. In result, I can't move my eyebrow. There's no wrinkles on this side. How weird is that? There's some weird stuff going on."

You can see from the super short clip that one side of the 'Boyfriend' singer's forehead is smooth, and without wrinkles. Which is not the case for the other side!

But let's break it down further. At least he didn't get into a fight with, say, his boxing pal Mike Tyson, right?

Also, concussions are serious, and he seems to be lucid, playful and Bieber-like, so that's good news, too! He also didn't cut his face or do any damage when he smashed into the wall, either. Another slab o' good news. It's likely just some tightness.

The last bit of silver lining to the black clouds that have been following our hero? Bad things usually happen in threes, so the face injury is the third. Nowhere to go but up.

Swag, swag, swag.