We can barely wrap our heads around the dancing that would ensue from this, but brace yourselves: Chris Brown and the Wanted may collaborate!

Max George spilled the beans to Capital.fm. "Scooter [Braun] -- our manager -– told us the other week that they'd spoke," George said of Breezy. "We met Chris Brown -– he came in and saw us at the studio when we were rehearsing –- and he was actually really sound," he added. "He said he liked our music and stuff. He's spoken to Scooter since then and said he'd love to do a song with us, so who knows. If it's the right song then we'll do it."

Considering that Brown has pushed back the release date of 'Fortune' to July 3, this may give Breezy and the Wanted time to lay down some vocals together.

Wannabe Helen Mirren paramour Tom Parker revealed that the band may well tour with Breezy. "There's talk about us, he's got his American tour coming up in July, maybe we'll go on that for a few shows which will be cool," Parker said. He seemed pretty excited to expand the band's demographic, adding, "Hitting that urban market –- the Wanted go urban."

Watch the Wanted Talk About Working With Chris Brown