August is a hot enough month on its own, but toss in all of the latest and greatest music and it’s practically on fire. From Ariana Grande to the Vamps, this summer has seen big artists making huge waves on the music scene!

PopCrush’s New Music Minute highlights some of the newest hits blazing their way up the charts and onto our favorite playlists. Like us, you're probably counting down the days until the release of Ariana's highly anticipated 'My Everything.' And we already had a countdown for 5 Seconds of Summer’s newly-released, self-titled debut album!

If you've had Hilary Duff’s comeback single, ‘Chasing the Sun,’ and the Vamps' latest lighthearted jam 'Somebody to You' feat. Demi Lovato both on repeat, we don't blame you for that, either. They're both too hot to stop.

Check out the New Music Minute, brought to you by the McDonald’s Jalapeño Burger, to catch up on the latest music spicing up the summer -- and to catch a kicker or two about these sizzlin' pop stars that make them extra special!

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