Ariana Grande and Big Sean took to their respective Instagram accounts in an attempt to eliminate those nasty breakup rumors about the pair that have been making their way around the web lately. The couple's preferred method of shutting them down? Post tons of happy pictures of themselves all over the Internet and silence the naysayers with photo evidence. Seeing is believing, so we get it.

Ariana posted a photo of herself with Big Sean on the slopes -- well, we're assuming that's where they are. There's snow and trees in the background and they're in Tahoe, so our private detective skills tell us it's the only logical conclusion to draw.

But our favorite photo from the bunch has to be the one that Big Sean posted of he and Ariana in really intense snow gear. They're both wearing helmets that completely obscure their faces. It's not a moment that would ever scream "Selfie time!" to us, which is why it's so perfect for them. You can check out that photo above.

Finally, no proof of a relationship can be complete without a photo that exhibits some kind of PDA. Originally posted by Big Sean, Ariana subsequently reposted the photo on her own account, tagging the photo "#happy." You can check that one out below.

So there you have it guys -- there's no breakup here!

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