Ariana Grande made her 'Saturday Night Live' debut last night, Sept. 27, where she performed 'Break Free' and her next single, 'Love Me Harder,' with The Weeknd.

Grande made her first appearance on the show's 40th season premiere in the first post-monologue sketch. Titled 'He-Man and Lion-O,' the comedy bit envisioned a scenario where a boy's toy action figures came to life, and suddenly found themselves confused by their sexual urges. The sketch starred show host Chris Pratt as He-Man and Taran Killam as Lion-O, with Grande making a cameo as She-Ra.

For 'Break Free,' Grande opened the song singing a melodic version of the single with nothing but her voice and a piano. It was a different version of the song compared to her live, bigger productions, but halfway through the track, she makes her way on stage with her dancers to close out the performance with a bang.

She next performed 'Love Me Harder,' which has been designated her next single off the 'My Everything' album. The 21-year-old singer was joined by The Weeknd, the alternative R&B artist from Canada, who collaborated with Grande for the studio version of the song. This was the first time Grande performed 'Love Me Harder' for a national TV audience, paving the path for it to be another smash hit.

There were rumors that Iggy Azalea would be joining Grande to perform 'Problem' on 'SNL' but those plans looked like they were scrapped.

Click on the video above to watch Grande perform 'Break Free' and then check out her other videos from 'SNL' below.

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