Ariana Grande and Cashmere Cat are at it again on a new song, "Adore."

The 27-year-old Norwegian music producer, born Magnus August Høiberg, earned a featured artist credit on My Everything, the pint-sized pop star's second album. Now Cashmere Cat is listing Ariana as a featured artist on his track "Adore."

The song is definitely a departure from Ariana's usual work. Unlike instant chart toppers like "The Way" or "Bang Bang," this song has few lyrics, a slightly mellow feel and features Ariana's vocals over a driving synth beat. The song allows Ariana's vocals to really soar -- it's a great vehicle for the star to show off her musical maturity and versatility.

The featured credit may be a bit misleading: Ariana's vocals are actually the centerpiece of Cashmere Cat's infectuous track and they work beautifully over the haunting backing beats.

Cashmere Cat has been having quite the year: He's also produced a track with Kanye West, specifically the song "Wolves," which also features Sia and Vic Mensa.

We expect (and hope) to hear more collaborations between the pop star and the producer. This particular track shows they have great musical synergy and Cashmere Cat seems to have a knack for drawing out an even more raw, emotional vocal than what we're used to hearing from the always stellar Ariana.

To hear more from this duo, check out the track "Be My Baby" from Ariana's album My Everything. You can also hear more of Cashmere Cat's production work on tracks from artists like Charli XCX and Wiz Khalifa.

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