Oy. The Ariana Grande rumors continue to fly, with the latest buzz concerning her former choreographer, Isaac Calpito.

Radar Online reports that while Calpito no longer works with the 'Break Free' singer, the reasons why aren't so clear. A source told the site that the choreographer is under investigation for being "inappropriate" toward people on Ariana's team.

“Isaac is fueling a lot of nonsense about Ariana,” the insider allegedly told Radar. “There is no reason for him to want to attack her, and in fact, he’s the one who actually has something to hide.”

According to Radar, the investigation was launched following reports that Calpito acted inappropriately toward women in the singer's camp.

“He was suspended, and then they did a thorough investigation with an independent investigator,” the souce allegedly said, adding, "There was a lengthy investigation report, and once the results came back, he resigned. Basically, the result of the investigation demonstrated there were serious issues, and he chose to step down.”

Calpito himself shot down the allegations in a statement to Radar.

“These accusations are completely untrue," he told the site. "They’re completely false. It stems from a group of people in Ariana’s camp that wanted me out for various reasons. They made it very uncomfortable for me, and so I resigned. Basically, it’s slander and defamation of character, what they’re doing to me. It’s incredibly transparent. And not classy. I’m not there any more. I’m very happy to be not there any more. I think her behavior speaks for itself.”

However, last week the choreographer took to Twitter to further clear the air about the allegations and his feelings toward Ariana:

It sounds like Calpito is trying to clear the air and leave on a positive note, so hopefully that will put any rumors to rest.

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