Up-and-comer and future singing superstar Ariana Grande revealed that her album 'Daydreamin'' will be available in either late August or early September.

From the sounds of it -- and she did not want to share the actual, firm date -- it's going to be in late August. Whatever the case, we have something to look forward to for the end of summer.

"I know the date," Grande said on camera during an interview at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, but she hedged on sharing the exact day. She would only commit to, "I have the date. It's late August. This is the first time I've said that. Every other interview, I've been saying, like, early September."

When the interview prodded her, saying that it could be either late August or early September, she acknowledged, "But, yeah, late August, early September. But there is a date set. We have a track list set. Now I just have to get in the booth and sing a little more, finish it up."

So she knows. She's just keeping the info close to the vest, since it could change, as things invariably do in the music business.

The singer, who has earned comparisons to Mariah Carey, also emphasized that it's 'Daydreamin'' with an apostrophe.

Grande also has a new Nick TV series 'Sam & Cat,' which begins airing on June 8. It's a spin-off featuring Cat Valentine, her character from 'Victorious.'

"It's action-packed and fun and really playful -- [it's] not so serious," the singer said about the series.