Update, 10/14: Ariana Grande has revealed the "Focus" single art cover, shot by Alfredo Flores. As the blurry preview suggested, the singer is indeed platinum blonde, but she is NOT topless — she's wearing a bikini-ish top. Can we get a tiny (or not-so-tiny) preview of the song now?

Ariana Grande is taking the title of her October 30 "Focus" single very literally, as her slooow reveal has involved a lot of blur-effect and pixelation — but this picture's beginning to sharpen. Just before midnight yesterday (October 12), the pop star posted a new preview of her single's cover art, just as she has in the two days before. But where the first teaser was like a black-and-white version of Kanye West's censored" My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy cover, and the second one barely outlined Ari's signature ponytail, now we're really seeing the direction things are heading in. It's a very blonde and almost certainly topless direction.

"#17daysTilFocus," Ariana wrote, as one fan worried in a comment, "Oh no plz don't turn into Miley Cyres [sic]."  Another commenter who, like us, feels a bit more secure in Ariana's sense of self marveled, "OMG this is so perfect [heart-eyed cat emoji]."

As for all the speculation on whether she is in fact shirtless, at this rate we'll likely get the final reveal by the end of the week. No need to strain your eyes.


Ariana's also been teasing some "Focus" lyrics over the past two weeks. Two weeks ago she shared the lines, "I know what I came to do, and that ain’t gonna change / So go ahead and talk ya talk cause I won’t take the bait!” And then last week we saw some even sassier lyrics: "Ain't no need to hold it back, go 'head and talk ya sh---t / I know you're hopin I'll react, I know you're hopin' I'll look back / But if my real ain't real enough than idk what is..." The gloves (and yes, possibly the shirt) are off.


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