Ariana Grande has been teasing "Focus," her Moonlight lead single co-crafted with Swedish songwriter Ilya, hit-maker Savan Kotecha & The Cardigans' Peter Svensson, for what seems like ages now.

Arianators be like...

But since it's October 30 (or, well, it is in a lot of other countries already), it has arrived on iTunes at last. Early analysis? There's a big 'n brassy horn section, as with her 2014 smash hit single "Problem," and the handclap-filled chorus features some Eddie Murphy/Mystikal-sounding mystery man — not Ariana herself — yelling "FOCUS on me!" on repeat. It's very..."SHAKE YA ASS, BUT WATCH YOURSELF!"

"I know what I came to do and that ain't gonna change / So go ahead and talk your talk, 'cause I won't take your bait," she sasses.

UPDATE: And now, the video has arrived!

Your early thoughts?

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