Update, 10/21: Ariana's just shared another "Focus" preview, albeit a more raw version than what we'll hear a little over a week from now. Check out her a capella vocalizations — in which she sings the lyrics she's already shared online — below. Is her "real" real enough for you?

Original post: Ariana Grande's "Focus" arrives on October 30, but you can get a preview right now.

The singer's latest ad for her Ari by Ariana Grande fragrance finds her riding solo through a 1950s-era New York City, because...her perfume will transport you? Look, we're not here to discuss the campaign's Breakfast at Tiffany's-ish creative choices — we're here to watch the commercial over and over, so we can hear a snippet of "Focus" on repeat.

Like "Problem," the new song deploys major funk and a driving saxophone. Ariana starts off with a rallying "C'mon girls," and aside from a few flourishes, that's all we really get in terms of vocals for now. But given how excited Ariana seems to be about the song, we'll hear even more of it before its debut.

At the rate Ariana's previewing lyrics, we'll also be able to sing along by then. At the tail end of April she posted to Instagram, "I know what I came to do, and that ain’t gonna change / So go ahead and talk ya talk cause I won’t take the bait!” Then, less than a week later: "Ain't no need to hold it back, go ahead and talk ya sh---t / I know you're hoping that I'll react...I know you're hoping I'm looking back...but if my real ain't real enough...I don't know what is."

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