Ariana Grande, who recently toured with Justin Bieber and was in the middle of a photo "scandal" with him, dished about the Biebs' new track 'Heartbreaker,' since she's heard it. Lucky gal! Don't hate, Beliebers.

Grande spoke about the upcoming Biebs track, saying, "Oh my God, I did hear 'Heartbreaker' and it's really good. That's the one thing I do get to hear, new music, and it's really good! I can't say anything about it but his fans are going to be really happy!"

Hear that, Beliebers? 'Heartbreaker' is going to slay! Take Ariana's word for it.

Grande says that while she was treated like family on the tour and that it was an amazing experience, she and Da Biebs aren't BFFs. "We don't talk much,” the singer said. "It's more of a 'Great job, good luck, bye!'"

The singer is now dating the Wanted's Nathan Sykes, oozing chemistry while performing with him. But in terms of her great loves, Grande's kept pretty quiet about Sykes -- but she did gush about her idol Mariah Carey, to whom she is often compared. "It's a massive compliment -- it's an honor," Grande said. "She's the queen vocalist so it's the biggest compliment and it's very exciting for me. But I'm excited for people to hear my album, my sound."

Could Ariana Grande be any sweeter?

And if you cannot wait for 'Heartbreaker,' listen to Bieber's new mixtape track 'Wait a Minute.'