Ariana Grande fans have recently taken to circulating an old video that shows the singer recording a makeup tutorial for fans -- and it's totally cute. It might sound like a pretty basic video, but the truth is it’s totally hilarious and makes us love Ariana even more than we already do.

Borrowing a quote from YouTuber Jenna Marbles, Ariana laughs and says: “The object is to make yourself look nothing like yourself.”

Something we really love about the video is how relaxed and natural Ariana is throughout it. It feels like we’re watching a video of one of our BFFs giving us makeup tips, and we’re totally into it. We also love that she uses the same products her makeup artist used to use on her while shooting ‘Victorious.’

The video totally makes us rethink all those rumors of Ariana exhibiting diva-like behavior, because if you can sit in a room and totally poke fun at yourself by shooting a half-serious (but mostly joking) makeup tutorial, we don’t see how you could be a total diva!

Arianators, what do you guys think? Do you totally love the video? Did you get any makeup tips from Ariana? Or are you enjoying just watching her apply her Clinique mascara? Check out the video about and let us know your thoughts!

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