We thought we were only getting one song from Ariana Grande -- the crazy catchy, awesomely poppy 'Problem' -- and considering it was our pick for the best song of 2014, we weren't mad about it. But then Ariana went and did what we pretty much expect of her at this point and she totally blew us away by singing a medley of her hits from 2014.

Accompanied by a group of dancers decked out in super cool white tracksuits, Ariana performed snippets of her songs 'Love Me Harder,' 'Bang Bang,' 'Break Free' and 'Problem.' She looked super cute in a sequined black bustier top with matching high-waisted hot pants, knee-high black boots and super short cover from Victoria's Secret's Pink brand.

With her signature half-pony tail, Ariana was every part the pint sized diva we've come to love, and she totally rocked the runway -- owning the stage and refusing to be overshadowed by the models around her. In other words: she totally killed it.

One aspect missing from her performance? Ariana getting adorably hit in the face with an Angel's wing. While she claimed the moment was "awesome," we can see why the producers edited it out to not take away from the fashion aspect of the show.

Check out the video of Ariana performing her various hits above and let us know what you think!

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