Ariana Grande has been having to battle rumors of diva-like behavior ever since her stardom has skyrocketed over recent months. While she and others have denied the reports, a new rumor suggests that those reports won't be coming to an end anytime soon.

The New York Daily News cites a source saying that Grande skipped a charity event she was scheduled to attend on Wednesday, Oct. 22, at Cipirani Wall Street. She was announced to perform for Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit charity that aims to provide education for kids in developing countries.

The official reason cited by organizers was that there was a conflict in her schedule.

A source tells the NYDN, however, that Grande was afraid of flying because of the recent Ebola scare that has the country on the edge of a possible outbreak.

“Everybody got there and was waiting for her to arrive and she was also supposed to be a surprise musical guest,” the source told the newspaper. “No one was told she wasn’t coming, when I overheard organizers say she’s not coming, she doesn’t want to come. She’s afraid of flying because of Ebola."

Here is where there could be doubt with the story's credibility: It wasn't until Thursday night -- one day later -- that New York City officials confirmed that a local doctor, Dr. Craig Spencer, tested positive for Ebola after traveling to West Africa to help with the crisis. He was subsequently transferred to a local hospital for quarantine and is currently being treated for the disease.

Ebola isn't airborne and can only be transmitted through bodily fluids, making it very difficult to spread from person to person through casual contact. Nevertheless, authorities are taking appropriate precautions to stop the disease from spreading in the United States.

So if Ariana did indeed have any fears, she would've had to rule out traveling anywhere at the time, since there was no actual reason on Wednesday to be afraid of anything in New York City.

We're taking this particular story with a grain of salt but unfortunately, Ariana will have to explain another one whether it's true or not.

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