Ariana Grande is clearly not a fan of the rapless version of 'Bang Bang' -- so when she performed the hit by herself at the BBC Radio 1 Awards over the weekend, she couldn't resist rapping Nicki Minaj's verse!

Donning a short silver dress and her trademark cat ears and high pony, Ariana hit the stage ready to nail the routine, belting out the super addictive track like there was no tomorrow. And when it came time for Nicki Minaj's part, Ariana Grande did not shy away from it -- instead she embraced the verse, rapping over a backing track with Nicki's rap, making the crowd go wild. Of course, we can't blame them: It's not every day that Ariana busts out her rap game!

Watch Ariana perform 'Bang Bang' -- complete with Nicki Minaj's rap verse at 1:19 -- in the video above!

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