There's no doubt in our minds that Ariana Grande has been insanely busy prepping for her upcoming headlining tour in support of the massive success of her album, 'My Everything.' (Which, by the way, was so good it made our Best Albums of 2014 list!) So we were totally thrilled when she decided to grace us all with a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation for her tour.

In the video (which you can check out above), Ariana is working with gloves. If you've never heard of them before, they were designed by Imogen Heap and offer the wearer the chance to alter one's voice by moving them in a different direction. For example, when Ariana moves her right arm to the right, her vocals become more distorted, because of the gloves. It's an insanely cool thing to see, and it looks like she'll be using these as part of her upcoming tour. You can read more about gloves here!

In other Ariana news, she also released an acoustic video of her song 'Love Me Harder' featuring The Weeknd. She sounds unbelievable -- which is not surprising considering how fantastic Ariana always sounds. The Weeknd also sounds fantastic, especially when he goes into his killer falsetto. The video cements everything we already knew -- just how great the two sound together, and how perfect their collaboration is. If only they were touring together!

Check out the acoustic video of 'Love Me Harder' above!

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