Ariana Grande and Austin Mahone have both belted out the National Anthem at sports games this year. Which pop star sings the patriotic tune best?

We all know that Ariana Grande has a powerhouse voice, and what better way than to showcase her raw talent by belting out arguably one of the most famous songs in our country's history? Though Ari took some liberty with the tune -- she certainly flaunted her range with those Christina Aguilera-like riffs -- for the most part, she stuck to the traditional song… and still sounded amazing.

Have we mentioned how much we love Austin Mahone a cappella? While most of his recorded songs are heavy with electronics and instruments, we can't get enough of his voice in more stripped-down settings. Needless to say, we're still obsessed with his rendition of the National Anthem, which he belted out with confidence, ease, and some seriously awesome pipes.

Who sings the National Anthem best? Vote for Ariana Grande or Austin Mahone in poll below!

Watch Ariana Grande Sing the National Anthem

Watch Austin Mahone Sing the National Anthem

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