UPDATE: Demi Lovato won Round 1, and has moved on to the semi-finals. You can vote for her here!

Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato are facing off for the Prom Queen crown in Round 1 of PopCrush's Prom King and Queen of 2014 competition! Demi is the reigning champ from last year, but can she hold onto the crown for another year -- or will Ariana give her a run for her money?

With Ariana Grande's adorably bubbly personality, she would totally make the perfect PopCrush Prom Queen. Her style is flawlessly elegant, whether she is rocking old Hollywood-style waves or the modern short dresses she loves so much -- and looks incredible in. (We just hope if she were to actually attend the prom, she'd bring her '90s Nickelodeon-themed purse.) And you know that Ari would bring down the house if she were to sing at the event, undoubtedly stopping everyone in their tracks once they heard those powerhouse vocals.

Demi Lovato is constantly backed by her ever-supportive Lovatics, and she is equally as devoted to them. When you think about the most-desired qualities in a prom queen, that level of compassion and dedication to others is definitely one of the biggest. It's been an awesome year for Demi, with her successful Neon Lights Tour and continuing to preach her message of love and self-acceptance -- an ideal that prom queens should always carry. Plus, with her ever-changing hairstyle and color, you know that Demi's prom look would be something completely unexpected and unique.

Which pop star should be crowned the PopCrush Prom Queen of 2014? You can vote for Ariana Grande or Demi Lovato once every hour until the poll closes on Tuesday, May 13, at 12PM ET. The winner of this round will move on to a new competitor in Round 2, edging closer to the title of PopCrush Prom Queen of 2014!