Get ready, PopCrushers! We've got a brand-new Pop Clash for you this week! After beating out Shawn Mendes last round, Ariana Grande's "One Last Time" faces off against Iggy Azalea's "Trouble." Which song should win the Pop Clash?

"One Last Time" is the EDM-flavored track we've all been waiting to hear from Ariana. Despite the upbeat mood of the song, the lyrics tell a much sadder story. "Baby, I don't care if you got her in your heart," she belts. "All I really care is you wake up in my arms / One last time / I need to be the one who takes you home." We've all experienced wanting the one person we can't have, and Ariana's track perfectly captures that uniquely painful heartbreak.

On the other hand, Iggy Azalea's "Trouble" video has an almost jaunty piano beat that gives us major throwback vibes. Not only does the song feature Iggy's signature rapid-fire raps, but Jennifer Hudson lends her vocals to the chorus. Our ideal dream team? Absolutely. This is an unexpected yet amazing pairing!

Which song should win the Pop Clash? You can vote for Ariana's "One Last Time" or Iggy's "Trouble" once an hour until the polls close at 3PM ET on March 16.

Watch Ariana Grande's "One Last Time" Video

Watch Iggy Azalea's' "Trouble" Video Feat. Jennifer Hudson