Welcome to PopCrush's annual Prom King and Queen polls, where you get to vote on what matters in this life -- crowning your fave pop star with the highest honor we have to offer. Round one is finally over and so we bring you round two. Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus are competing against each other -- who deserves to be named Prom Queen of 2015?

Ariana Grande is, undoubtedly, a powerhouse vocalist often channeling the great Mariah Carey in both aptitude and attitude. She started out as an actress on a Nickelodeon show, but who even remembers that at this point? That's how often her songs are on the radio -- we often forget all about her humble beginnings as a TV star with red hair. If "Break Free" didn't show up as one of your Most Played Tracks list on last.fm last summer that's only because you shut the app down or never had it to begin with, don't lie.

Miley Cyrus, too, started off on television. While she was much beloved on TV, she quickly realized she'd rather be a pop star and so she broke into the music industry. While she initially drew listeners in with her country-pop hits, she eventually switched things up completely, going as far as to chop off all her hair and attend pilates classes. There's also the fact that she's big on supporting homeless and LGBT youth, which we completely stand behind. Whenever a celebrity uses her power for good, we're totally for it. We also refuse to ignore her cover of "Jolene." She did Dolly so proud.

You can vote below for either Ariana Grande or Miley Cyrus until the poll closes at 3PM EST on May 26.

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