This is the battle of 'Victorious' beauties! This might possibly be the most difficult decision of your life! Well, probably not, but we can imagine it's up there. Who are ya gonna choose -- Ariana Grande or Victoria Justice?

Grande is really gaining notoriety away from her Nickelodeon show with her new single 'The Way' featuring Mac Miller. Most importantly, she is getting compared to vocal heavyhitter Mariah Carey and doing a bang up job covering songs by the legendary Whitney Houston. Is there anything this girl can't do? Probably not. Will winning PopCrush Prom Queen be an obstacle on her road to total domination? We just hope she doesn't meet up with Selena Gomez down the line in this poll, since she "doesn't get" the comparisons between herself and the 'Come & Get It' songstress.

Victoria Justice just oozes Prom Queen from her pores. Just look at her! She's absolutely stunning! But it's not always looks that definitively decide who will take the crown. Yes, she's the star of 'Victorious.' Yes, she's going on tour with Big Time Rush. Okay, those things alone make us think Justice has enough to make a serious run for the Prom Queen tiara.

So who is queen-worthy -- Ariana or Victoria? Vote for who you want to be in the running for this year's PopCrush Prom Queen. This poll will end on Saturday, May 4 11:59PM ET, and the winner will go on to compete in Round 2 with three other girls.