Yes, Ariana Grande performed a ton of songs on on 'TODAY' this morning (you can check out those videos below), but more importantly, she also did the weather and danced with Al Roker.

As the cheerful weatherman walked over to the monitor where Grande was waiting, the pop singer looked just a little sheepish.

"I touched the monitor. I was fooling around... I was trying to do what you do," she apologized to Roker, saying she had somehow messed up the screen. But no worries, because Roker easily fixed the problem, and even got Grande to press a few buttons (on purpose, this time.)

"Oh, hell yeah," she said excitedly before she touched the forecast for the West Coast.

Grande listened patiently as Roker read the forecast for the country -- but as the screen switched to a clip of her performing 'Bang Bang,' neither party could keep their excitement to themselves.

"That's me!" Grande announced, as the two quickly started groovin' to the tune, shaking it together as the pop diva started singing.

Of course, this wasn't the first time that Al Roker has rocked out to 'Bang Bang.' He not only did so during Ariana Grande's performance (which you can see below), but a few weeks ago, he also did the entire forecast while dancing to his favorite summer smash, which you can peep here. LOL!

Watch Ariana Grande and Al Roker do the weather and dance to 'Bang Bang' in the video above.

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