Celebrities get a ton of perks the rest of us normals don't: Money, fame, the ability to choose from an infinitely more impressive dating pool. But some celebrities wish they could chill out for a single night and do something normal, especially when it comes to traditions many consider a right of passage. Ariel Winter had a chance to make that happen when she attended her high school prom -- an event some of us wish we could forget.

Ariel went to prom with her longtime boyfriend, Laurent Claude Gaudette and was clearly loving every second of it. Ariel posted a few photos on her Instagram page, showing off her floor-length, navy blue gown while Laurent was dressed in a super sharp black tux. She posted another photo with her father, captioning it with "Dad saw me off to #prom!! Love him." You can check out that photo above.

Back in 2013, Ariel spoke with Teen Vogue about her desire to go to a dance, saying (quote via ABC News), "I've always wanted to go to a school dance. I hope I get asked." Not only did Laurent ask her to prom, but he did it in the cutest way possible. Ariel posted a video of Laurent asking her on Instagram, captioning the video with "Got asked to prom with someone jumping out of a box pelting flowers at me and holding up a prom sign. I love you so much baby!"

Celebrities -- they're just like us. Of course, her hair and makeup were probably professionally done, her dress is probably designer and she most likely did not carry a water bottle filled with vodka in her purse like the rest of us, but we're glad Ariel had an awesome time, anyway.