'X Factor' veteran Arin Ray took on tonight’s challenge by performing ‘Crazy for You’ by Madonna. Britney Spears was an enthusiastic supporter of his song choice. “Your voice will be really, really cool and smooth on that,” she assured him.

But his delivery might not have been all that the judges hoped for. “I dig you, I think you’re amazing, but I want goosebumps,” said L.A. Reid. “We are now in the heart of the competition. This is a $5 million prize and I need you to fight a $5 million performance.” Demi Lovato then chimed in with the following (rather harsh) remark: “I think you also lack soul.”

Simon Cowell was quick to express his own opinion of the performance, which clearly fell short of his lofty expectations. “You look like you hate it as well…you just didn’t seem into it,” he began. “It’s like asking a cat to eat a tiger – in other words, it’s just not right for you … I think you could be in trouble tonight.”

Although Spears was in the minority, she continued to stand behind Ray all the way. “This is one of my favorite Madonna songs and I feel like you nailed it,” she stated.

However, it's ultimately up to America to decide who has the X Factor. Do you think this contestant has what it takes to win?