Will the madness ever end?! Ark Music Factory has unleashed their newest singer in the form of 9-year-old Madison Bray and her God-awful track 'Girl Swag.' Seriously, this one gives Rebecca Black's 'Friday' a run for its money as the most abominable song we have ever heard.

Poor, poor Madison Bray. She will have to live this one down for years to come. 'Girl Swag' is almost worse than 'Friday' due to Ark Music Factory's attempt to produce a harder, sassy rap sound. Once again, they have failed miserably.

The video for Bray's 'Girl Swag' was shot in a schoolyard, and it opens with Bray and her posse of pre-teen girls looking like a bunch of bullies as they steal some innocent boys' soccer ball. Bray starts the song off by rapping, "I know you think I'm just a young girl singing / and I don't know where to go / I know you people watching me just saying / She's just 9 years old." I'm sorry, Madison, but no one is saying "Wow! She's only 9!" Rather, people are wondering, "What the heck is this song?"

Another highlight lyric is "People wanna wanna call me a diva / See me, see me got the keys to my beemer." Um, you just told us you are 9. We hope you're just holding onto those car keys for your mom and not planning on taking a joyride with your 'Girl Swag' gang. Not to mention the extremely awkward dance scene.

Dear Ark Music Factory, please stop trying to produce another Rebecca Black. And parents -- we know that you knowingly sign up to record these awful songs and videos, but seriously, these are your kids!

Watch the Madison Bray 'Girl Swag' Video