If you're an Arrested Development fan who's been itching for more episodes to tie up those loose ends left by the end of its disjointed fourth season, then you're in luck. The show is set to return for a 17-episode run -- if producer Brian Grazer is to be believed, that is.

It's been about two years since the widely-revered show made its initial return, but there was no official word as to whether to show would get another season. But according to Indiewire, the show may be coming back -- again.

An executive producer for the show, Brian Grazer, reportedly confirmed the news when he recently appeared on ESPN columnist Bill Simmons' B.S. Report. Grazer said, "We're gonna do another 17 episodes, so stay tuned for Arrested Development." It's a simple announcement that offers no further details as the conversation veers into another topic immediately after he says it. Indiewire says Netflix is "not commenting at this time."

Scheduling conflicts between the main cast members have proven to keep filming at a standstill in the past -- it's the reason season four was formatted to revolve each episode around a specific family member, rather than have the ensemble work together. But it looks like a fifth season of the show has been discussed in the past. Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos told USA Today in 2014 that "it's just a matter of when."

The details are frustratingly few, but the promise of binge-watching the Bluth family again -- no matter how distant into the future that may be -- is enough for now. Check out the video above to see Grazer tell it himself.