It's time for the 2015 PopCrush Fan Choice Awards, and you know what that means -- we need your help to decide the winner of one of our most prestigious categories: Artist of the Year!

It should go without saying that the past year was Taylor Swift's year, all thanks to a different year: '1989.' Taylor's first pure pop album -- and arguably her greatest one to date -- was the best-selling album of the year in the U.S. Aside from selling over one million copies in the first week alone, '1989' contains some of T. Swift's greatest work -- particularly on tracks like 'Out of the Woods,' 'Clean,' and her two No. 1 singles, 'Shake It Off' and 'Blank Space.' '1989' (and 2014) proved that Taylor Swift may actually be one of the greatest pop stars of our generation.

One Direction had a pretty stellar year themselves, with their newest album release, 'Four,' also hitting the top spot in the U.S. and once again propelling their millions of fans (yes, including us) into a frenzy. 1D toured non-stop, promoted their album non-stop, and were there for their fans non-stop -- all while coming out with such perfect gems as the 'Night Changes' video. Swoon city.

5 Seconds of Summer skyrocketed to fame this past year, going from four hardworking Aussie YouTubers to one of the biggest bands of the year. Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael released their self-titled debut album this year and quickly followed up with the equally-as-amazing live album 'LIVESOS.' Did we also mention that the group toured with One Direction and can put on some of the best live performances we've ever seen? 5SOS Fam, you know what's up.

Forget the rest of 'X' -- Ed Sheeran could have literally just released 'Thinking Out Loud' as a single and we still would have nominated him for Artist of the Year. Our favorite redheaded Brit (sorry, Prince Harry and Rupert Grint) has done it again, stealing our hearts with his acoustic guitar, intricate lyrics and those unbelievable pipes (and his awesome raps don't hurt, either).

But those nominees are only a few of the highlights. Also up for our biggest award? A-listers like Justin Bieber, Ariana GrandeSelena Gomez, Iggy Azalea, Beyonce, Demi Lovato and Nicki Minaj. We never said that choosing the winner for this one would be easy!

Which pop act should be crowned Artist of the Year? You can vote once per hour until the poll closes on Tuesday, Feb. 17 at 10AM ET, so keep coming back to support your favorites. Happy voting!

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