Lana Del Rey was arguably pop's most buzzed-about new artist towards the end of 2011, with fans and critics alike lobbying sensational praise and brutal criticism over her slick image and noir sound.

But all the hand-wringing about her surgically plumped pout and old-Hollywood aesthetic ignores the fact that her music is really, ridiculously good. 'Video Games' is a lush piece of atmospheric gloom-pop, with bitterly wounded lyrics buoyed by Del Rey's Nancy Sinatra croon, and her latest single, 'Born to Die,' is darkly, gorgeous evocative. The tracks that have been previewed make it clear that her upcoming album, due out via Interscope, will be a highlight of 2012.

With her striking look, distinctively husky voice, and the deafening buzz of a thousand bloggers furiously sounding the buzz girl klaxon at her every move, it's safe to say that Lana Del Rey has arrived — and 2012 no doubt holds meteoric success for her. -- Sam Lansky

Watch the Video for Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games'