Machine Gun Kelly cause a ruckus in 2011 -- literally. After signing with Diddy's Bad Boy Records, the rapper decided to instigate a flash mob at a local mall in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, using Twitter. The stunt landed him in jail but it also showed just how rabid his fans are when it comes to their local rap hero.

MGK comes from a long list of white rappers who made their mark in 2011. Yelawolf, Action Bronson and Mac Miller are just a few of the names looking to achieve the same success as their white counterpart Eminem.

Last year, MGK was crown 'Hottest Breakthrough MC' by MTV. It's an honor the tattoo-covered rapper gladly accepts. "I know that we have probably the least amount of fans," he says. "But like I told my fans: Heart is always gonna prevail over connections and who these people know and who tweets what." -- Trent Fitzgerald

Watch the Machine Gun Kelly 'Wild Boy' Video