UK based pop-punk band As It Is have been steadily building an intense fan base as they get ready to release their debut album Never Happy, Ever After in April. Music lovers who can't wait for more from the band can check out this studio update, premiering exclusively on PopCrush.

The album is the followup to their EP This Mind of Mine which, by the way, was funded entirely by fans. Talk about devoted. If you’re wondering why their fanbase is so loyal, look no further than the video above. Seriously. The guys are talking about the recording of Never Happy, Ever After, and you really get a sense for how seriously they’re taking this opportunity. It’s always a real treat to get some direct insight from a band that you really love.

The band decided to record the album in America, but it wasn’t a decision they came to on a whim. After studying a bunch of albums and record producers, they ultimately decided to go with American producer James Paul Wisner, and they’re clearly stoked on their decision. Considering the powerhouse artists he's worked with in the past (Paramore, anyone?), we don't blame them.

The way the band tells it, each member contributed something different to the album, which is what will ultimately set it apart from everything else. As for themes, a big one seems to be guilt. Ben said, "The guilt being on our end. I think when we were away, and we locked ourselves away. We kind of felt guilty for the loneliness that we put the people we love through."

Not only does the video feature some seriously honest, earnest comments from the band, but there’s also a clip of their new song “Concrete” that’s set to premiere tonight (March 2) featured. Check out the video above to get an inside look at their upcoming album!