Fans will do some of the most incredulous things at a rap show. One concertgoer had to learn a hard lesson about taking a watch from an in-demand rapper. A$AP Rocky had a fan pummeled after he snatched a $15,000 Rolex watch from the rhyme-spitter's wrist... and it was all caught on video.

While A$AP Rocky was performing in London on Wednesday night (June 6), he jumped into the crowd to swag it out with his fans. As the Harlem representative was rocking the mic, a fan decided to snatch Rocky's Rolex from his arm.

Rocky cut the music and went on a search for the sticky-handed thief. "Does it look like I'm playing right now?" he yelled at the audience. When the culprit was spotted, Rocky's A$AP Mob barreled through the crowd and retrieved the rapper's expensive timepiece. "Fuck that n---- up," Rocky shouted on the mic. "Beat his a--!"

After getting his prized possession back, the 'Wassup' rapper continued with the concert. "We not gonna end our show just 'cause somebody took a $15,000 watch. F--- it, man," said Rocky. And just like that he performed 'Peso,' with the catchy line, "I'm that pretty motherf---a / Harlem is what I'm reppin' / Tell my n---as quit the b----in' and we gonna make it in a second / Never disrespected, plus I'm well connected."

We are still wondering why A$AP Rocky would perform with a $15,000 Rolex on his wrist. Nevertheless, let this be a valuable lesson to all concertgoers: Don't steal a rapper's expensive watch at a show.

Watch A$AP Rocky Fight Fan Over $15,000 Rolex Watch