Ashanti is nursing a broken heart on her first single in what feels like forever -- and by forever we mean "since 2008." 'Never Should Have' is a midtempo ballad that showcases the N.J. native's vocals more than much of her prior material, and it's quite an improvement from her most recent release.

The song, her first single off of 'Braveheart,' will be featured on Lifetime's 'Army Wives.' The track describes a relationship that starts out perfectly and ends perfectly miserably.

"You never should have met me," Ashanti wails. "You never shoulkd have loved me / You never should have touched me / You never should have told me you loved me and you would never leave me / 'Cause everything that you would do / Made me fall in love with you / Until you left and you made that mistake and I can't take it back if I wanted to."

While Ashanti has sometimes come under criticism for the breathiness of her vocals, they seem to be in much better form here. Sadness looks good on her, and it sounds even better.

Listen to Ashanti, 'Never Should Have'