Singer/songwriter/actor Asher Monroe is gearing up to release his 'On My Way - Part 1' EP -- and PopCrush has the exclusive premiere of the cover art and Asher's track-by-track commentary. Plus, you can stream the EP below!

While Asher is starting to make his name in the pop music world, he already has some seriously impressive credits under his belt -- including a childhood Broadway career, a starring role in the 2009 movie 'Fame' and even a collaboration with Chris Brown (yeah, we've been obsessed with 'Memory' for a while now!).

And with one glance at his EP artwork, does it come as any surprise that he used to be a model? Asher looks broodingly sexy in the sultry black and white shot.

Needless to say, we can't stop listening to his five-track EP, 'On My Way'! Do yourself a favor and do the same by streaming it here -- and checking out our exclusive look at Asher's track-by-track commentary!

1) 'Memory'

"'Memory' has always been one of my favorite songs," Asher tells PopCrush. "Shooting the video with Chris Brown was a great experience, as well. Never felt like work -- everyone was having the best time on set. It was amazing having so many creative people all put together in the same room."

2) 'Lonely Island'

"This song came easy in the writing department. Some songs take a little longer, but this one came together really fast," Asher explains. "I knew the concept as soon as I heard the beat. Everything else wrote itself. We shot the video in Corsica on a bunch of small islands. My favorite part was driving that old classic car in the video. I wanted to take it home with me!"

3) 'Down'

"I stepped out of my comfort zone singing a song like 'Down,'" he reveals about the slow jam-esque track. "It's not particularly my style or my first choice, but the end product came out so unique and different. I love testing the waters in my creative process and tapping into new territories. My favorite lyric was: 'This is not a love song.'"

4) 'Again'

"Lyrically, this is one of my favorites," Asher tells us. "It's better to not have any walls up when writing a love song. That kind of vulnerability and showing that real, raw emotion, gives fans a glimpse into how I really feel. Going through a breakup is never easy. Sometimes no matter how many times you break up, and you would still do it all over again because you deeply care about them."

5) 'On My Way'

"I decided to title my EP 'On My Way' not because of this song but the fact that as an artist we go on this journey of finding ourselves and experimenting with new ideas and techniques," Asher says. "The music industry term is 'finding your sound.' What many people don't know is that I actually wrote these songs about two years ago, and they're now just seeing the light of day. There is so much more in the works, and 'On My Way' felt like an appropriate title to let fans know the journey I'm going on as an artist. And be excited for all that is to come!"