Ashlee Altise is a "joy hopper." It's a dance move she's created herself. Could it become a craze? Maybe, depending on how far Ashlee Altise gets! At her 'American Idol' audition, Altise explained that when you are happy, overwhelmed or excited, you hop joyously. But you incorporate your arms into the mix and swing.

With her ombre braids, high heels, camouflage skinnies and nerdy black glasses, Altise demonstrated style and pizzazz, both of which are necessary qualities on 'Idol.'

But can she sing?

Oh yeah!

She wasn't a glass shatterer when she sang the Beatles classic 'Come Together' in a manner similar to the way judge Steven Tyler did it with Aerosmith. But she was quite good. Tyler told her Altise that she has fire, spirit and spunk, to which Jennifer Lopez added, "With a little bit of crazy." Crazy is good when you are a creative artist that has designed your own dance called the joy hop, right?

Needless to say, Ashlee Altise joy hopped her way into the next round.

Watch Ashlee Altise Sing the Beatles' 'Come Together' on 'American Idol'