Ashlee Simpson, everyone's favorite lip-syncing rascal and little sister to Jessica Simpson, paid a visit to the plastic surgeon to get her shnoz fixed up. Fortunately, she didn't go totally Jennifer Gray on her face and drastically alter her appearance in the process. And good for her for keeping the signature Simpson butt-chin. (Yes, butt-chin. It's a scientific term. We swear.)

We're betting the 'La La' songstress was a wee bit self-conscious about her nose growing up -- we imagine it'd be tough for anyone growing up with a real-life Barbie for a sister -- and decided to fix her honker once she had fully grown into it. It's one of the most tasteful-lee (see what we did there) done cosmetic surgeries we've seen in recent years.

Now, Ashlee. Can we call you Ashlee? Just quit while you're ahead. We beg you.

Frederick M. Brown / Jason Merritt, Getty Images