Ashley Benson of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ looks beach ready on the cover of Complex Magazine, where she talks dating costars, almost being kidnapped and what it means to be a role model to her fans.

The 24-year-old has worked as a TV actress for nearly a decade now. You might recognize her from her three-year stretch on the soap ‘Days of Our Lives,’ but she’s undoubtedly most known for her leading part in the main foursome on ‘Pretty Little Liars.’

The blonde spoke on what it means to play a part on an ABC Family show that has younger fans. “The network doesn’t really put pressure on you,” she shared. “I’ll make decisions for myself, but because I have young fans, I do feel a responsibility to them. Teenagers copy everything.”

She continued, “I’d never be someone who’s out there drinking and doing drugs all the time. I don’t do it and I would never want them to think they have to do something like that. I’m not perfect at all, so I’m not the person to be looked up to, but I try to set a good example.”

Parents of the millions of followers Ashley boasts on Twitter can breathe easy. There won’t be anything scandalous on her feed anytime soon.

That is, unless it’s coming directly from the fans. When asked about the weird things her fans tweet her, Ashley replied, “I always get that I’m pregnant. That’s really fun. Also, apparently I’ve dated every single one of my costars. That’s not true, haven’t dated one.”

Ashley’s PLL character Hanna Marin is often faced with scary situations and people — usually thanks to the main antagonist, the anonymous ‘A’ — and the actress admits she’s got a few scary stories of her own. The scariest? The time she was almost kidnapped in Los Angeles.

“This guy literally tried to take me out of a car,” she explained. “A couple of my friends and I were in the car outside of an apartment building in L.A. This guy pulled up super close to us… So the crazy guy got out of his car and tried to open the door, and grab us in the backseat. Right when he did that, we sped off.”

Pretty terrifying! That story could give ‘A’ a run for his or her money.