Ashley De La Rosa chose to sing Alanis Morissette's 'Right Through You' for tonight's live performance on 'The Voice' (April 2.) She specifically selected this tune since she is a pop rocker and that's the genre and the path she wants to pursue in her career, which after tonight's perf, we're sure she's going to have! She's got what it takes to forge a career in that style.

Ash, 17, has a powerful set of pipes and despite a bit of a mic malfunction when she yanked it off the stand and didn't sing into it, causing her voice to dip, she blossomed onstage, rocking out with the guitarists and the other players on stage while stomping around in her LBD and heels. She was at once tough and pretty. That's not always an easy thematic pairing to pull off, but ADLR made it seem like the easiest freakin' thing in the world.

She has markedly improved each week, shedding some of that teenage inexperience and blooming into a woman with each passing performance. She's absorbing what the panel of judges tell her and funneling it into her singing.

Her coach Christina Aguilera said, "You really brought it up there. You got to shine on a song that you wholeheartedly love."

ADLR pulled off two key things: She sounded uh-mazing and was totally believable with her delivery.

Watch Ashley De La Rosa Perform 'Right Through You' on 'The Voice'