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It looks like Ashton Irwin's finally feeling better! The 5 Seconds of Summer drummer -- how poetic -- was recently in the hospital, causing the band to cancel quite a few shows while he recovered from a nasty bout of appendicitis.

But now that he's healthy and glowing again, Ashton decided to treat fans to a video tour via Instagram of fellow bandmate Michael Clifford's house -- MTV Cribs style. Revealing that Michael has the cutest parents on the planet, Ashton shows off an entire wall covered in 5SOS photos and memorabilia put up by the Cliffords. Aww! Check that video out above!

Continuing on, Ashton then decided to torture us in the best way possible by taking us down the foggy and emotional halls of memory lane and show us exactly where their very first YouTube video sessions were recorded. From living rooms to stadiums -- they've come so far!

Ashton then ends the video saying: "We were gonna do a video of the back room, but a guy lives there now so we can't." This mysterious declaration makes us wonder who's living back there. The guys' recent bromance-talk regarding their favorite member of One Direction has us strongly suspecting it's Niall Horan, but what do we know? Check that one out below!

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