Kanye West and Britney Spears don't have much in common (aside from massive fame, fortune and notoriety), but the two do share a particular thing in common: the assault of the same jerk paparazzo.

West's assault (or technically, attempted robbery) of a paparazzo last night (July 19) was on the same overly aggressive photographer that Spears lunged at with an umbrella in the midst of her infamous breakdown.

TMZ reports that the photographer, who refers to himself as Dano, has a history of harassing the celebs he shoots. When Spears shaved her head in 2007 and banged up Dano's car with the umbrella in 2007, sources say Dano was being belligerent and cruel to the singer, as well as aggressively intruding on her personal space.

What's more, Dano often attempts to profit from his harassment of celebs. He reportedly auctioned his banged up SUV on eBay for over $30,000 -- as well as the umbrella itself. Dano earned even more from his video of the whole disaster going down.

Dano is reportedly looking to press charges against Yeezy, which would likely net him more cash in a settlement. Perhaps West was onto something when he muttered about "$250,000" in that video.